Nadine Conway Hill
1919 - 2004

November 11 2005.  It's been a year since we lost Mom. I tried to put a page up here that would accept comments and display them but for some reason I couldn't get the comment feature to work. Thanks anyway for stopping by.

We lost Mom last Saturday November 13th.  Jill and I came home from Florida and went over to Mom's house to pick up our cats.  We found Mom in her easy chair in the family room.  She went peacefully and we are thankful for that.  She was busy and active until the end.  Bowled on Monday, played bridge Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We had a wake on Tuesday; hundreds of people came to tell us how much they had enjoyed their association with this wonderful lady.  The funeral service was Thursday at the First United Methodist Church in La Grange, Illinois.  Mom had been an active member of this church for 14 years and was actually scheduled to teach her Sunday School class on Sunday November 14th.  We buried her in Memorial Park in Skokie Illinois next to my Dad.

I've posted links to some pictures and a couple of other items. 


Pictures of Mom
Flowers and photo tributes
At the church

At the cemetery
At the cemetery 2
Mothers Day 2004
85th Birthday Party
Conway Reunion 2004

More pics of Mom 1998-2004

Rich's Pictures of Mom

Art's Eulogy

Rich's Eulogy

Church bulletin writeup

Mom's notes on her life in the church

The funeral service

Video of the Eulogies
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