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Last stop on our tour was Lucerne, Switzerland. On the way there we stopped at an old castle called Schloss Wildegg.

In 1483, Kaspar Effinger, from Brugg, had acquired the castle, its grounds and the neighboring forests as well as the other outbuildings.

Until 1912, the Castle of Wildegg remained the property of its successive inheritors. Julie von Effinger, the last descendant of the von Effinger family, decided to bequeath the Castle of Wildegg to the Swiss Confederation, in favor of the National Museum, before she died. The castle and its surroundings were passed on to the Swiss National Museum and thereafter became one of its exhibition sites.

From the cellar to the living chambers, both the original furniture and decoration of the castle have almost completely been preserved. Many living chambers from the 17th through 19th century are found on several floors, displaying an interesting cross-section of the von Effinger family's life and culture.


 One of the most fascinating things about the castle is the variety of "heaters" used to heat the rooms.

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